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Dec 14, 2017

I appreciated a lot their help with my dissertation. I had a trouble with one of the chapters and their writer helped me with a research for it. I am happy that I have found this company and got all the needed assistance.

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Dec 13, 2017

I wanted to be sure that my dissertation was written in the vital way and that its formatting met the requirements established by my college. had a service with proofreading, editing, plagiarism report and rewriting – those I really needed. And they truly helped me. I'm very happy!

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Dec 14, 2017

I was so happy when I got one of my dissertation chapters from Studyker! I wasn't sure how to make it and their writer helped me out! Without their work it would be much harder for me to finish the dissertation!

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Get That Proposal in On Time

That pesky dissertation proposal must be submitted and approved before you can move forward on your project. If you are struggling, if you have procrastinated a bit, or if your proposal has been returned for a re-write, you can get the dissertation proposal writing help you need at Studyker. We will give you a Ph.D. researcher in your field who can ensure that the proposal flies.

Your Safety is Always a Priority

We protect the personal information that you supply by encrypting it and assigning you a client number for on-site use. And we have a strict Privacy Policy that guarantees your information is never shared with any third party. Making payment is secure too. We do not store any financial information and we have never had a breach.

Your Proposal is Right the First Time

Because all of our writers hold Ph.D.’s and have written many dissertation proposals for clients just like you, we can state that your proposal will be approved. You need to supply your department guidelines and the details of your research project, and your personally assigned Ph.D. expert will go to work immediately. Until you approve, our work does not stop.

The Legal Stuff

Writing services operate as any online retailer does. Similar services have existed for years and are used by many prominent figures. Even professors who write journal articles and books often use skilled writers to help. And they use research assistants too. You are getting the same kind of help and it is fully legal.

Why is dissertation proposal difficult to write?

Of all the frustrations in writing a dissertation it is certainly no fun to be frustrated with the very first step – that dissertation proposal. It must be approved before you can begin the rest of your project. Most proposals are not approved with the first submission, often because committee members have their own “agendas” or because some detail of the guidelines has been missed. Don’t let this happen to you.

Get dissertation proposal help from a personal expert, and put your troubles behind you!

What will you get?

Your dissertation proposal will have definite sections – a statement of your research question, a preliminary literature review, an explanation of your research design and instruments, a justification for the importance of your research question and what you hope to show, and a timeline for completion of each section or chapter. You may struggle with any or all of these proposal sections, and that is why Studyker is here. Your assigned researcher/writer can help with any or all of them.

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  • The Dissertation Proposal

    Of all of the frustrations in writing a dissertation, it is certainly no fun to be frustrated with the very first step – that dissertation proposal that must be approved before anything else can happen. But dissertation proposal writing can be frustrating, because it is usually not approved the first time it is submitted. There are several definite sections of a proposal, and you can certainly use our dissertation services for help with any one of them.

  • Statement of the Research Question

    Before you ever begin to write the dissertation proposal, you came up with your research question, and it was approved by your advisor. This is the beginning of your proposal – a solid, scholarly statement of that research question. Most students do not have much trouble with this, as they have worked the question out with their advisors, and it is already in proper format. If, by any chance, you are unsure about the statement of your research question, then of course you can find a Ph.D. expert in your field at Studyker to review your statement and re-write it for you if necessary.

  • Preliminary Literature Review

    To choose the research topic you did, you conducted some initial research – this is how you determined that topic and the purpose. Now, through a summary of the initial research, you will be justifying the topic/question you have chosen as significant to your academic field in some way. You will either be replicating the research of others, adding to their research, or conducting a study that may be in conflict with the findings of others. The literature review section must demonstrate that your chosen topic is both scholarly and important.

  • The Research Design

    Your proposal must include a section in which you outline the design for your study, the populations to be included, the instruments you will be using, how you intend to gather the data and report it, and the method of statistical analysis you intend to use to demonstrate the significance of your findings. This section of dissertation proposals provides the road map that the student will follow, and it is often the section that an advisor and/or committee may tend to pick apart.

    The design needs to be “tight,” the instruments validated, and the methodology free of procedures that can bring in nuisance factors or result in other constraints that may corrupt the study. Advisors and committee members mean well, of course, but it can be frustrating to be asked to go back and re-do/re-write parts of this section. Frustrated students often find this is the point at which they look for some professional help from a dissertation writing service. It’s important to get that proposal approved so that the project may move forward. Finding the right dissertation proposal help, though, can be tricky. You need to be certain that the service you select actually has Ph.D. experts who have the background and experience to provide the help you need.

  • The Timeline

    This is the one part of Ph.D. dissertation proposal that will probably not be too carefully scrutinized by the committee, as long as it is reasonable and projects completion within 12-18 months. And timelines are certainly the one section for which flexibility is allowed. Still, it’s a good idea to have a schedule for completion that you can use to keep yourself on track.

  • Getting Help When You Need It

    Writing a dissertation proposal is not an easy task, and getting dissertation proposal help is nothing shameful. You have a long road ahead of you, and this is just the start. Getting bogged down in the beginning can cause you to lose your enthusiasm and some of your motivation. Don’t let this happen to you.

    Studyker has Ph.D.’s in all academic disciplines – professionals who stand at the ready to help student who are struggling with dissertation research proposal writing, or any other part of their dissertations as they move along. We are a full service writing agency that provides personal researchers/writers, carefully assigned to match individual student needs.

    If you need to buy dissertation proposal help, get in touch with us. We promise an immediate response, reasonable pricing, a guarantee of original, customized writing, total confidentiality, and a final product that your advisor and committee will find fully acceptable. Getting through that proposal as easily as possible will move you forward with much greater enthusiasm.

    Let Studyker match you with a personal Ph.D. writer who can make this happen.